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Epic Life Counseling Website Copy

Epic Life Counseling

A new season of business calls for updated copy!  This single-provider counseling service focuses on her clients by keeping the copy simple and relatable.

Heaven Sent Sleep Guides Page

Heaven Sent Sleep

Downloadable guides don’t quite need a full sales page, but a dedicated web page is key.  Using customer-focused language, parents are drawn to these simple, and effective, solutions.  It’s a great first step to build trust with your potential clients!

Count On Me Email Marketing

Count On Me Emails

As a course creator and teacher entrepreneur, Jillian knew she needed the words to connect with her email list.  Through email marketing that complemented her Instagram and Facebook group, she grew her audience which helped sell both her memberships and course!

Woolly Thistle YouTube Channel

The Woolly Thistle

When editing is what’s dragging you down, it’s time to call in a video expert.  Corinne knew just where to head to keep her down-to-earth blether in her preferred style, save time, and regain the joy in creating her videos.